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Video conferencing softwares in Mumbai, Bengaluru, india
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Video conferencing softwares in Mumbai, Bengaluru, india

As the word says the video conferencing soft wares are designed for video conferencing. This technology is nothing but module or program used for communication. Now communication in this form is not like the POTS aka Plain Old Telephone System rather it is more advanced technique in the form of audio-video communication. Here two communicating parties can have a visual of each other along with their voices.This has lead to the revolution of communication which will then completely replace the matured telephones i.e. only analog voice transmission. Now comes the part of conferencing softwares , these are modules which provides a platform for audio-video communication. These are basically programs intended to do their respective functions of conferencing. Now conferencing is a multiway communication process in which many users can simultaneously communicate with each other in a full duplex manner i.e. the communication can take place both ways simultaneously. These applications allow users to connect to each other via a network generally an internet and then host their devices to each other allowing users to communicate synchronously. Now if we compare these softwares to the telephone, the applications provide a very good interface. Here u can visually see your corresponding partner and have a good conversation with him using your gestures, which indeed are the important aspects of communication. Now these softwares are very cheaper in rate and hardly costing u less than a hundred. The review of these softwares is good in the minds of users which in turn is increasing their demands. They have made life easier as u can now be in touch of your loved or dear one or even colleagues 24x7. This indeed has been a revolution in the telecommunication industry and too has a generic scope for the product. Finally I like to conclude that a good company to buy from is SOSIPL and heir prices are very reasonable and they give free gifts and request the user to fill in the quick enquiry form on the right.