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Chat during Video Conference in Mumbai, Pune, India

Chatting was something which used to happen either in person or over the telephone, prior to the launch of internet. However, with the launch of internet, things have changed rapidly and the whole world has become an information sharing centre! Websites like Google and Wikipedia bear testimony to this fact. Thus, as a result of this, chats have changed their mode too. In addition to phone chats – which now revolve around cell phones instead of local telephones or landlines and chatting in person, a new kind of chat has evolved. Yes! We are talking about chatting over the internet. Various messenger services over the internet like Yahoo, MSN, Facebook and Orkut have resulted in chatting over the internet becoming a common phenomenon. What’s more is that chatting has successfully entered into the sphere of business communication and these days, we see informal chats happening during formal video conferencing meetings. An informal relation at work with your client can go a long way in building relations and it can only be good for the business. Thus, I won’t be wrong in saying that chatting feature has done video conferencing a whole world of good. While we are on the topic of video conferencing, you had be glad to know that we do sell video conferencing systems and our products are sold at Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Bengaluru and Ahmedabad, Navi Mumbai and Thane in India. Moreover, you get a free gift with every purchase you make. Now fill the form on the right side.